Manaslu Circuit Trek – Off The Beaten Trail in Nepal - 14 Days

Manaslu Circuit Trek is right in the heart of the Manaslu Region. It offers all that you dream for a classic trek in Nepal: Impressive landscape, close experiences with local individuals and their old culture (untouched by modernized Nepal). Mt Manaslu is 8th tallest peaks in the world and also known as the mountain of spirits in Nepal. The highest altitude of this route is the  Larkya La Pass. It the most dramatic pass crossing the Himalayas and reaches 5,125m so welcome you with eye-stretching views of snow-capped mountains. Just imagine we are walking in the lush forest with blooming flowers, see villagers and their unique traditions, historical places and monasteries, and epic views throughout the trek – that’s Manaslu for you.

We operate Manaslu Trek throughout the year. However, it is Autumn and Spring i.e. in the months of September, October, November and March, April and May when you can get clear views and can trek easily. Manaslu lies in the restricted area of Nepal. Hence, it costs little more for getting a permit and you should have a guide in compulsion. You must have Restricted Area Permit, MCAP and ACAP as permits to trek in Manaslu.

Manaslu Circuit is kind of moderate trekking. Altitudes, Walking Distance, Climatic Conditions, Lack of proper guide, Foods and Accommodation are some common Manaslu trekking Difficulty. Be sure you have good physical fitness and proper trek preparation is done. Well, preparation makes this trip quite easier.

Why trek Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Experts say Manaslu Trek is one of the best treks in Nepal. Despite the number of tourist trekking here, it is still remote, off-the-beaten-path and untouched from modernized Nepal. For providing a life long memory this trek takes you around Mt. Manaslu (8167m), world’s eighth tallest mountain.

  • Eye-Catching natural beauty decorated by forests, flora and fauna, rivers.
  • Experience unique culture and traditions of Nepalese and Tibetan ethnic groups.
  • Jaw-dropping views of Larkya La Pass above 5000m
  • Views of 8 different mountains: Cheo, Nemjung, Gyaji Kang, Kang Guru, Annapurna II, Himlung, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal.
  • Faunas like Himalayan Thar, Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard.

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Starting the trek

The Manaslu round trail starts from Soti Khola located in Gorkha District. About 6-7 hours scenic drive from Kathmandu, takes you to Soti Khola. The actual trek starts from Soti Khola. You can hire a Private Jeep or a Public Bus. The public bus is 2-3 hour slow to reach our destination than Jeep.

Manaslu Trek Permits

Manaslu is inside a restricted area of Nepal, which means you’ll require a trekking permit to get to this trip. The solo trek is not permitted, where a base gathering size of two individuals is required. You should go with a guide. You need 3 permits at most for hiking in around Manaslu: Restricted Area Permit, ACAP, and MCAP.

Restricted Area Permit

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit costs USD 100 for each individual for the main week. While you need to pay an extra USD 10 for each individual for every day. This rate holds from the long periods of September to November.

From December to August, Manaslu Restricted Area Permit costs USD 70 for every individual for the main week. While you pay extra USD 7 for every individual for each day after the initial seven days.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Permit

Despite months and the number of days, protection region licenses are the equivalent. The permit costs Nepali money 200 for SAARC nationals and Rs. 3000 or USD 30 for different nationals.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit

ACAP Permit charge NRs 3000 or USD 30 for tourist from other than SAARC countries. You can get all the permits from the Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu by showing your passport.


If you ask about the price then we have to ask what services you want, which itinerary you would love to choose and are you in a group or individual? The trekking cost is affected by various factor. However, Ammonite Adventures is operating Manaslu Round Trekking just the price of $950/person with almost every facility included. The cost includes all of your travel expenses like insurance, food, accommodation, travel cost,  guide and porter fees. The cost lowers if you join a group or bring your own group. I must say, $950 is nothing in front of such marvellous Manaslu trek. Find details about Manaslu trekking costs.

Best Time

This trip is feasible throughout the year. Each season has its very own advantages and challenges.

Put simply, Manaslu circuit Trek Best Time is October to May (the dry season) and the worst time is June to August (the rainy season).


September to November is the ideal time of trekking as it offers Fresh Air, superb mountain scenery and warm weather.

December, January, February is still the good months to visit in Manaslu. However, the cold temperature below 0 degrees may cause some troublesome.

During March, April, May, it’s been dry for so long and due to dust, the visibility of mountain may be poor. And you cannot enjoy the mountain views and is compensated by a wonderful rhododendron forest.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty

This is a quite challenging hike however you need to have a good level of fitness and experience is strongly advised.  Anybody with a fundamental wellness level and assurance can trek effectively. Before making a decision about the Manaslu circuit expedition, you ought to consider the realities like the distance, height, foods, accommodation and climate conditions

Manaslu Trek Difficulty


As we walk-ups and downs for 14 days at the pace of 5-7 hours a day, just imagine how to fit you should be. If you do not have a walking habit, we recommend doing minor exercises prior to the course.


Altitude Sickness is the main problem of first-time trekkers. You may feel difficulties in breathing. As we hike above 3500m altitude, you should be aware of it. Keep yourself hydrated and walk slowly, don’t force if you cannot walk.


You should choose the best month to trek in Manaslu. Otherwise, you may not be able to walk properly and enjoy the views. In high altitudes, there is a danger of snowfalls as well. So, be sure you are trekking at the right time and check the weather before.

Accommodation during Manaslu Round Trek

Every night, you’ll be remaining in teahouses kept running by the nearby networks along the Manaslu trek. Most teahouses are very essential yet agreeable, with two single beds in each room. Teahouses and Lodges are simple extensions of the old houses. Nevertheless, it’s better to take a sleeping bag with you. There is a typical territory for suppers and unwinding, which is an extraordinary spot to remain warm around the flame during the evening.

Food during Trek

As mentioned, Manaslu is a remote trek. You can only have typical Nepali food for Lunch and Dinner. Generally, dal bhat tarkari (commonly called – dal bhat power 24 hour). In addition, you can also have eggs, omelettes, pieces of bread, fruits. Please don’t expect restaurant dishes here at Manaslu. Before complaining about the price of foods, coffee, beers please think a while, how long they have to carry these to provide you. They have to come down and up just to serve you.

Guides and Porters

Guides: Government of Nepal have made compulsory to take a guide to Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2020 or other restricted areas. Before hiring a guide, talk with him about his experience. It’s always good to have a companion. Else, you may be lost in bushes. The guides assists you in finding good hotels, foods and taking you safely.

Porters: If you cannot carry a backpack or do not want to carry then hire a porter. He carries your bag up to 20kg. So, you can walk freely. You may have to carry foods, bags and other trekking equipment. So, we recommend to trek with a guide and porter who are a great companion during your trip.

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Manaslu Trek Map and 14 Days Itinerary

Counted as a truly great Himalayan Expedition, this Circuit Trekking Itinerary starts from Kathmandu after arranging necessary trekking equipment and required permits. However, the actual route starts from Soti Khola after 7 hours adventurous drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. Below mentioned 14 days Itinerary is just a suggested route. So, you can change the Manaslu Trekking Route as per your comfort.


Day 1: Kathmandu to Soti Khola via Arughat (Drive)

Drive: By Bus ( 10 hrs)
Altitude: 700m
Accommodation: Tea House
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Enjoy Village Side on Bus

Day 2: Soti Khola to Maccha Khola

Trek: 6-7 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 900m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Rocky and Narrow path trekking
2. Amazing countryside views
3. Enjoy waterfalls, rivers, high cliffs
4. Gurung and Ghale Inhabitants’ Culture and Traditions

Day 3 : Machha Khola to Jagat

Trek: 8 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 1370 m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Cross Budhi Gandaki Suspension Bridge
2. Spend Time in ‘Hot Water’ Tatopani
3. Explore Gurung Village

Day 4 : Jagat to Deng

Trek: 5-6 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 1804m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Enjoy dense sub-tropical
2. Climb rocky bridge to Salleri
3. Enjoy unhabituated George
4. Walkthrough rhododendron, Himalayan pine forest, and hanging rocks. Cross Siyar Khola Bridge

Day 5 : Deng to Namrung

Trek: 5-6 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 2630m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Enjoy Manaslu Conservation Area
2. Vintage view of snow-capped Siring Himal
3. Dense Lush Forests

Day 6 : Namrung Sama Gaun

Trek: 6-7 hours
Accommodation: TeaHouse
Altitude: 3530m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Lihi Village – Explore Stupas and Barley Terraces
2. Siring Viewpoint
3. Extraheartening views of Simnang Himal, Himal Chuli, Manaslu Glacier and Ganesh Himal

Day 7 : Sama Gaun to Samdo

Trek: 4 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 3875m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Descend to Budhi Gandaki River
2. Mountain Views and get close to Tibetan Border
3. Walk along Birch Forest

Day 8 : Spend a day in Samdo

Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 3875m
Visit: 5-6 Hours
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. See Lophophorous (National Bird of Nepal)
2. Magnificent views of Manaslu along with Hiunchuli, Cheo, Ngadi, Simrang and more

Day 9 : Samdo to Dharmasala

Trek: 4-5 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 4460m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Seasonal Tibetan Larke Bazar
2. Pass wooden bridge
3. Witness Larke glacier

Day 10 : Dharamsala – Larkye La Pass

Trek: 7-8 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 5160m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Beautiful view of Cho Danda and Larke Peak
2. Glacier Lakes
3. Wide range of flora and fauna
4. Awesome valleys to capture

Day 11 : Trek to Tilije

Trek: 5-6 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 2300m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Great mountain views
2. Cross Dudh Khola
3. Walk-in rhododendron forest

Day 12 : Tilije to Tal

Trek: 5-6 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 1700m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Pass Mani Wall
2. Visit Thonje Village

Day 13 : Tal to Syanje

Trek: 6-7 hours
Accommodation: Tea House
Altitude: 1080m
Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Cross Chamje Village
2. Framing terraces on both side on the road
3. Walk-in Rhododendron and pine forests

Day 14: Bus to Kathmandu

Drive: 7-8 Hours
1. Travel in the bank of Marsyangdi and Trishuli rivers
2. Drive-by beautiful villages
3. Shopping and Departure or Extend holidays

Manaslu Circuit can also be done in 10 days. Click here for details about 10 days Manaslu Trek.


There are neither money exchange office nor ATM on trekking route of this off the beaten trail. So, it’s better to carry sufficient cash with you. Keep some extra money if in case you love to give tips and donations.

Books and Maps

Books and Maps are easily available in Pokhara and Kathmandu Book Stores. Trekking with Ammonite Adventures, we provide free maps if you need. Generally, you can find maps of all regions of Nepal produced by Himalayan Map house which costs you only Rs.400-500.

Manaslu Trekking Gears

These are the basic Manaslu Trekking gears everyone should carry. These are compulsory. You can either buy or rent it in Thamel, Kathmandu. But be sure these trek equipment are with you.

  • Trekking Pole
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Sunscream
  • Trekking Boots and Socks
  • Trekking Trouser
  • T-Shirts
  • Gloves
  • Tissues and Toilet Rolls
  • Torch Light
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Underwear and Inner Wears
  • Water Bottles etc.
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