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Manaslu Trek Permits

The Blog Contains the details o permits Required for Manaslu Trek.

Manaslu Trek is such an overwhelming experience in Nepal which expose everything you want from trekking. Mount Manaslu stands tall to welcome to you with rare floras and faunas, unique culture, off-the-beaten and remote route, and snow-capped mountains views.

The mighty Manaslu lies within a restricted area of Nepal. Restricted Area in Nepal is those places for trekking where you need special permits. Hence, you need special Manaslu Area Permit in addition to Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit to trek around Manaslu.

Before going to in-depth detail about Manaslu Permits, let’s see quick facts before trekking in Manaslu.

Transportation: Bus/ Private Jeep
Highest Altitude Reached: Larkya La Pass (5,160 m)
Difficulty: Moderately hard ( Altitude sickness, Physically challenging)
Trekking Days: 10-20 days
Trip Cost: $900 – $150 (depending upon days and services)
Best Months to Trek: September, October, April, May, December
Food: Typical Nepali Food
Accommodation: Guesthouse, Lodge
Permits: Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit.
Highlights: Remote and Wild Trek, Unique Cultures, Moutain Views etc.
Trek Starts/Ends: Kathmandu
Can Trek alone: No, Need a licensed trekking guide

Source: https://www.ammoniteadventures.com/manaslu-trekking-information/

3 Permits for Manaslu Trek

Trekking in any part of Nepal, you need some permit. Before trekking in Manaslu, you must have 3 permits:

  • Restricted Area Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit

Restricted Area Permits

As mentioned above, you will be trekking in the restricted area of Nepal. Hence, you need Special Restricted Area Trek Permits. It is very difficult to get Restricted Area Permit of Manaslu. For this, you should have a guide in compulsion ( you can not trek in Manaslu alone ).

The cost of Manaslu Restricted Area Permit differs in a different season. In September to October, you should pay $100 for a first 7 days and 15$ each day the first week. Fore 14 days trek, you will pay ( 100 + 7*10 = $170).

In other season, the trekking cost for the first week is $75 and you have to pay $10 each following day.

September – November

USD 100 per person/ week + USD 15 per person/ day (beyond 1 week)

December – August

USD 75 per person/ week + USD 10 per person/ day (beyond 1 week)

Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit

While trekking in Manaslu, we will also walk through the Annapurna Conservation Area (Beshi Sahar from Dharapani ). Hence, you should have Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit as well. You can easily get Annapurna Conservation Area Permit ( ACAP ). You will be charged $30 per person for ACAP. This cost is different for Nepali and SAARC Counties.

Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit

On Manaslu Circuit Trek, we will be trekking through Manaslu Conservation Area as well. To enter in Manaslu Conservation Area, you need MCAP ( Manaslu Conservation Area Permit ). You can also easily get this permit. The Manaslu Conservation Area Permit also costs you $30 per person.

How and Where to get Manaslu Trekking Permits

You can get all of 3 Manaslu Trek Permits from Nepal Tourism Board. For MCAP and ACAP, you need a passport. But you need to go with a Travel Agency and Licensed guide to getting Manaslu Special Permit. You can be checked for all of these permits and your passport along the trek. So, we recommend carrying all the documents with you.

Step 1: Fill the online application permit form

  • Online Application for the trekking permit ( Separate for ACAP and MCAP ), then,
  • Send application to the Director-General, Department of Immigration. then,
  • Provide the printed itinerary, photocopy of your passport and visa page.

Step 2: Go to the Department of Immigration, Anamnagar

  • Submit the American dollars with the letterhead containing all the serial numbers to the Global IME Bank and collect the deposit slip.
  • They will print the individual permits and put stickers on the permit as verification and the final stamp is stamped.

Step 3: Go to Nepal Tourism Board

Submit the printed online application form to Nepal Tourism Board, and they will issue ACAP and MCAP permit. For this, You have to place printed photograph and they will sign the form and we are ready to go!

Better to know?

1. Where can I obtain the necessary permits?

You cannot get an individual trekking permit for Manaslu. By providing your copy of passport and photo, we can arrange all the necessary documents for Manaslu Trek. Hence, you can enjoy your trip and do not worry about anything else.

2. Do we need TIMS Card for Manaslu?

No, you do not need TIMS Card for trekking in Manaslu Region of Nepal. But if you go to Annapurna Circuit from Manaslu, then you should have TIMS card as well.

3. How long it takes to get a permit?

After submitting all the necessary documents, you can get permits just in 2 hours at maximum if there is no queue.

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