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Manaslu Circuit Trek in March, April and May

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an amazing remote trek of Nepal which offers amazing picturesque views, unique culture, and snow-capped mountain views. It offers amazing adventure at one of the most dramatic high passes, Larkya La pass. When the Spring season starts the number of trekkers doing Manaslu Circuit climbs up. Moderate Temperature and Clear Sky makes Spring the ideal time for trekking in Nepal so does in Manaslu. Hence, brace yourself for Manaslu circuit Trek at March, April and May.

In general, Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring is perfect for the tranquillity and head-shaking scenery. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Several colours of Rhododendron starts to bloom and rare animals come out of their hibernation period. Just imagine you are walking in the reddish forest with blooming rhododendrons and wild animals teasing you from the tree. That’s Manaslu trekking route during March, April, and May.

Manaslu Circuit in Spring – Trek Highlights


Spring season greets us right after the winter season. The sky becomes clearer and weather welcomes you turning the temperature moderate. The bundle of heavy clothes decreases. The frozen lakes melt. And, The level of difficulty reduces. Let see what’s more in Spring ( March, April and May ):

  • Blooming rhododendrons, local flora, and fauna
  • Eye-stretching views from Larkya La Pass- 5,135 meters
  • Glacial and fresh-water lakes
  • Crystal Clear Moutain views
  • Remote and off the beaten trail
  • Old Buddhist arts and Chortens and more.

The Weather of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring


Starting from Arughat to reaching Larkya La Pass, you will be passing through 6 different climatic conditions. As the Manaslu Trek starts from 1000m to 5000m, you can experience weather variations in the same season. Generally, the temperature of Spring is neither too hot nor too cold. Moreover, spring welcomes you with clear blue skies and warm days.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in March

March is the beginning of the spring season ( best time to do Manaslu Trek ). It is quite colder than April and May. The temperature drops below zero degrees Celcius in upper regions. There is a very rare chance of rainfall as well keeping you colder. So, take some extra warmth with you.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in April

April is the second month of Spring season. It is the best time to trek in Manaslu among three months of Spring. This is the time for Manaslu Expedition as well. The average temperature is about 5-degree Celcius.

Manaslu Circuit Weather in May

The last month of Spring Season and second-best time after April to trek in Manaslu in spring. The average temperature is about 8-degree Celcius. No need for extra warmth and can walk easily.

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How Safe it is to do Manaslu Circuit Trek in Spring?

Regarded as the second-best season for trekking, Spring is quite safe to do Manaslu circuit. The difficulty level decreases as the steps are not slippery. There are very low risks of avalanches and landslides. And also less chance of snowfall. This makes spring quite safe time to trek.

The main challenges to trek are the slippery route and rainfall, which is very rare ( near to zero ) in Spring. So, spring is safe to trek in Nepal.

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Permits for Manaslu Trek in Spring

Manaslu lies in the restricted area of Nepal. You need to have special permits for trekking in this region. You need Manaslu Area Special Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permits. the cost of permits varies according to the season.

For Manaslu Trek in Spring, you should have MCAP and ACAP which are available at 20$ each.

Another important permit is Restricted Area Permit which costs 70$ for the first 7 days of trekking and 7$ each day after 7 days per person.

You can get all these permits from the Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu. You need to have a guide in a compulsion for trekking in Manaslu in Spring or any other season. So, go with a certified guide to get permits. You need to show your passports to get those permits.

Reminder: Carry all of your documents with you during the trip. You may be checked anywhere during the trail. You can not get solo permitsand need two people and a local trekking guide to trek to this region.

Manaslu Circuit in Spring: Scenery

If you love photography and are a nature lover, Spring has all that you want from Manaslu. Blooming vegetation and sight of wild animals is what you can see in Spring.


You can also witness snow leopards and Red Pandas in the Manaslu Conservation Area. Asian black bear and blue sheep are also seen in Manaslu. It is home of birds like Tibetan snow cocks and crimson horned pheasants. You can enjoy the jaw-dropping mountain views of Mt. Manaslu, Mount Himalchuli, Ganesh Himal and so on.


Food and Accommodation in Spring


The foods and accommodation are quite similar in all seasons. However, the price increases during Autumn ( October, November). You can stay in Teahouses in Manaslu. The temperature is moderate, so you can also enjoy camping. Some years back, Manaslu was camping trek. However, you can find a number of Tea Houses for food and accommodation now.

The rooms will be shared with a single bed. You have to share the toilet as well. Some teahouses offer wifi, a hot shower, and charging while some don not. As the peak trekking season, you have to do pre-booking to get a proper room in Spring.


In the case of Food at Manaslu, you will be served with normal Dal, Bhat, Tarkari. In addition, you can have fried rice, bread or omelettes. You can not expect more than this in Menu of Manaslu Area hotels.

Itinerary for Manaslu Trek in Spring (March, April, May)

The following itinerary is the best Manaslu circuit trekking itinerary for Spring (March, April and May). It is just a recommended route, you can change the path as per your comfort.

This is a 14 days Manaslu Route. you can also complete Manaslu in 10 days.

DAYSITINERARYALTITUDE (in meters)TIME (in an hour)
Day 1Kathmandu to Soti Khola (Drive)70010
Day 2Soti Khola to Maccha Khola9006-7
Day 3Maccha Khola to Jagat13706-8
Day 4Jagat to Deng18045-6
Day 5Deng to Namrung26305-6
Day 6Namrung to Samagaun35304-6
Day 7 Sama Gaun to Samdo 38754-5
Day 8Spend a day in Samdo3875
Day 9Sama Gaun to Samdo38604-5
Day 10 Samdo to Dharmasala 4460 4-5
Day 11Dharamsala – Larkye La Pass51357-8
Day 12Trek to Tilije23005-6
Day 13Tilije to Tal17006-8
Day 14Tal to Kathmandu130010


Trekking in Manaslu in the months of March, April and May are time. Spring welcomes trekkers with a clear sky, blooming rhododendron and warm weather. The route is neither slippery and there is no chance of rainfall as well. Hence, it’s best and safe to do Manaslu in Spring.

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