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Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Trekking Costs : for what you should pay and what’s free. For the tentative ideas of trekking price, follow this blog.

The Manaslu Trek offers you everything you’d want from classic trails in Nepal: stunning mountain scenery, friendly people, unique cultures and traditions, naturally rich forest, flora, and fauna, flowing river and more. It is less crowded. Hence, the wild and remote route of Nepal. The interesting part of this off the beaten trail is that it’s not that expensive how much people think. It’s quite cheaper than Everest Treks.

Before trekking in Manaslu (less crowded and perfect blend of overwhelming nature and culture), you must be clear about how much you should carry in your wallet.

Generally, for Manaslu Trekking, you need permits, experienced guide, porter, food and accommodation. In addition, you may also want the internet, additional drinking water, mobile and battery charging. This Region is so remote. Hence, you have to pay for all these things as Manaslu Trek cost.

Brief Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Below is the brief ideas of how much you may have to separate as trekking cost. It is only the average price. The price may fluctuate up and down according to the season. However, carrying this amount will be enough for Manaslu.

  • Transport = $30 (two way)
  • Permits = $140 ( 9 day trek Restricted Area Permit + MCAP + ACAP)
  • Guide = $225 ($25 per day)
  • Porter = $130 (15$ per day)
  • Food = $225 ($25 per day)
  • Accommodation = $60 ( $7 per day)
  • Internet, Drinking Water = $50
  • Miscellaneous = $40
    TOTAL = $900 => OFFER $880

Cost Breakdown

I have breakdown the trekking price in accordance with each departments of permits, guides, food and all. Please find in-depth details of Manaslu Cost.

Transportation Fee to go to Manaslu

This route starts from either Arughat or Sotikhola. If you are in Kathmandu, you have to take a private jeep or local bus to reach there. You will be charged $10-15 when you go by bus. Taking a private jeep is quite expensive. It will cost you around $150-$200. It has 7 seats. So, you can share the seats and it will cost you around $25 per person.

Manaslu Off Road Transport
Off Road Transportation

Remember: Let me make you clear that, the private jeep will be faster and comfortable than the local bus. Local bus stops anywhere for passengers. And private jeep is safer to travel in off-road of Manaslu.

Permits Fees

Permits are compulsory if you are trekking in any part of Nepal. Thus, you are not allowed to enter the Manaslu Region without a special permit issued by the government. TIMS Card is not required when you have special trekking permit. You need following permits for trekking in this region:

Special Manaslu Restricted Area Permit
Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Restricted Permit
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit(MCAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit(ACAP)

But, if you want to hike to Annapurna or Tsum valley you should have TIMS Card and Tsum Valley Restricted Permit respectively.

The special Restricted Permit fee differs according to month and number of days spent.

  • 70 USD per week + 10 USD each day ( September – October)
  • 50 USD per week + 7 USD each day ( rest months)

For MCAP and ACAP, you will be charged only $20 each. You can get all these permits in Kathmandu. In total, you have to separate $140 for Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost for permits and other necessary documents. If you have any doubt or confusion feel free to mail us at info@ammoniteadventures.com or directly message us to 9851230809.

Why Permits: the government utilize the amount taken as permit fee for the preservation and conservation of trekking areas. It is also strictly maintained due to an open border with Tibet. Moreover, you can be tracked and rescued in any case of emergency from permit data.

Cost for the Guide and Porter

If you are planning to trek to Manaslu without a guide then it’s not possible. You must have a guide in the compulsion to hike in this Region. Your guide must be licensed under the Nepal Trekking Association. However, porter is optional.

So, if you need a professional guide, on average you have to pay $25-$30 per day which includes their food, accommodation, and insurance within. If you are also planning to hire a porter, porter’s fee will be the same around $15-$20 per day including food, accommodation, and insurance.

Manaslu trek with guide and porter cost
Porter at Manaslu

How are the guides?Guides of Ammonite Adventures will be professional, frank and English Speaking. They are well trained and licensed. In fact, they are the one who has been to this voyage for minimum 5-7 times. Each guide has a good link with tea houses. So there won’t be a problem with food and accommodation as well.

How much is the cost of FOOD in the Manaslu Region?

As Manaslu is in a remote area of Nepal and foods are carried by human themselves due to lack of transport, the price of food increase as we rise up. People carry food to the camps from Soti Khola. So you could imagine how much effort goes to make food for you. You may have to pay roughly 7 USD per meal i.e. USD 25 to 30 on a daily basis. However, this varies upon how much you take beverage and your appetite. Generally, breakfasts are cheaper than lunch and dinner. In total, you have to separate about $220 for food.

Food Cost at manaslu round
Dal Bhat

Foods: Generally each tea house has their own restaurant. The menu has general continental foods. You can enjoy “Dal Bhat power for 24 hours” The most common Nepali dish. You can also ask for tea, bread, omelettes, and fruits for breakfast. You cannot get non-veg items in all tea houses. The best part is you will get a chance to have healthy and organic vegetables.

Cost for Accommodation

This Round Trail is famous for its natural high mountains and local people with a unique lifestyle and welcome. You can stay in tea houses during the tour. Its good to know, the number of tea houses on the route are increased. So, there is no need to do camping unless you want. The cost for one room with two single beds is $6-$9. We can arrange a private room if you need. Almost all teahouses have an offer if you eat dinner and breakfast and you will get a free room. So, add $7 as average accommodation cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Rooms: You will have a private room with shared bathroom. You will be provided extra blankets without additional cost(except in some places). Heating will be available only in the dining area.

Miscellaneous Costs

Miscellaneous cost on this round trek includes charging, hot shower, extra blanket, private room and WiFi. In some, all these services are available for free. But most of the teahouses charge a few dollars for these extra services. You may want to donate some amount in old Monasteries. So please keep extra $200 for such expenses.

Tips to save Manaslu Trek Cost

Although trekking in Manaslu is not that expensive, you can save cost for Manaslu Trek. Here are some ideas to save some penny during your trek.

  • Bring extra battery backup to avoid charging costs
  • You will be charged for a water bottle. So, bring water purifying tablets with you, you can have tap water for free.
  • Do not have unnecessary beverages.
  • Carry toiletries with your own
  • Bargain the price. You will be given some discounts.
  • You will be charged for wifi. So, buy NCELL Sim Card to use data.

Manaslu Cost @ Best Rate

Trekking to Manaslu region is every trekkers’ dream. And of course, it is not a cheap dream to have. You may have done good research for Manaslu Round Trek Cost. Different companies have their own rate. However, we are offering a Manaslu Trekking at the best price at just $880. It is the minimum price any company can offer. Let me remind you $880(cost of this trip) is to experience the god gifted natural scenes and the unspoiled culture of people.

So, come and enjoy trekking with Ammonite Adventure, a well-established trekking company registered to Government of Nepal, under Tourism Ministry. We have served more than 10,000 clients in 15 years of our trekking experience.

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