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Trekking in Manaslu is about creating a life long memories of jaw-dropping natural scenery, amazing ancient culture, gigantic Himalaya Vistas and photos that will fill your memory card. If you have trekked before and want off the beaten trail, then put Manaslu Trek in your bucket list. Despite being the best trek in Nepal, it’s still pure and remote.

Manaslu At a Glance

Transportation: Bus/ Private Jeep

Highest Altitude: Larkya La Pass (5,160 m)

Difficulty: Hard

Days: 10-20 days

Best Months: September, October, April, May, December

Food: Typical Nepali Food

Cost: $950 USD [details about Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost]

Accommodation: Guesthouse, Lodge

Permits: Special Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty

Manaslu is kind of Moderate Trek. You neither need trekking expertise nor advanced physique to complete this trail. However, Manaslu Trekkers often mention Altitude Sickness, Weather, Elevation may challenge the tourists. Moreover, getting proper food and accommodation is also hard there.

Altitude Sickness – Challenge #1 in Manaslu Trip

Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness at Manaslu

While trekking above 4000m altitude the oxygen level becomes thin and people feel difficult to breathe, this is what we call Altitude Sickness. As we trek above 4000m in Manaslu, it can trouble you too. Some symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness are Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Difficult to breathe and vomit. It is generally faced by the first time trekkers who have not been in high altitudes before. If you feel so stop walking and take rest. If it continues, don’t force yourself. Step back. However, following a guide and proper trek preparation will make you ready for the trip.

Remedy: To be free from AMS in Manaslu, Walk Slowly taking rest and Keep yourself hydrated. You can also carry an altitude sickness tablet. So there won’t be any issues.

Elevation & Distance – Challenge #2 in Manaslu Circuit


Heights offer magnificent views. In the Manaslu Circuit, we walk around 5000 altitudes. But its really dangerous if you trek alone. You may not be familiar to the surrounding as Sherpas do. So, you may be in trouble. Manaslu Circuit Trek is about 177 kilometres in total distance. Trekking ups and downs for 177kms won’t be easy. And for 12 days you daily trek 5-6 hours. Trekking through the uneven terrain and rocky trail needs a good strength. So, you need good preparation for the trek. But, it’s gonna be very easy with minor training.

Tips: Do some exercises prior to the trek. Have proper carbs and do proper rest. And, always follow your guide. They know better than you do.

The weather of Manaslu – Challenge #3

Manaslu Cicruit Trek in October
Manaslu Circuit Trek during the best time

The weather can play a huge role in Manaslu trek difficulty. In Manaslu Trek, we go through six climatic zones – the tropical, subtropical zone, the temperate zone, the subalpine zone, the alpine zone, and the arctic zone. Generally, days are warm and nights are colder here.

Trekking in Manaslu at winter is really a challenge, there is a danger of snowfall and route becomes slippery. The temperature drops down to -20 degree Celsius. Moreover, teahouses remain closed at high altitudes due to heavy downpour.

Trekking in Spring and Autumn is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek. The weather is warm and the sights are clear. If lucky, you can see wild animals in blooming rhododendron forest.

Tips: trek during Spring and Autumn. Check the weather forecast before trekking.

Getting good Food and Accommodation – Challenge #4 in Manaslu


The place such a wonderful region that there are many reasons to trek Manaslu. So, may people trek here. During peak seasons, it will be very hard to find a proper stay and food as all teahouses remain pack. However, trekking with Ammonite Adventures will be all prepared for you.

You can get only basic accommodation with shared rooms and bathroom. The foods are also quite good with very less variety in the menu like dal, bhat, tarkari, omelette, fruits and bread.

Tips: Trek with a travel agency, they will arrange everything with you.

How to trek in Manaslu Easily?

  • Fitness Training

Do some physical exercise before trekking. So, you won’t feel muscle pain and difficulty in walking in the trekking days. Its just minor warm-ups.

  • Trip Preparation

Consult with the guide and prepare yourself for trekking. Like walking slowly, hydrating time to time, taking proper rest can make your trip much easier. Having carbs and carrying some amount of diet with you is the best.

  • Getting the best guide

Getting a good guide is really important. He knows the route better and guides you properly. So that you can accomplish your trip easily. Before hiring a guide check how many times he has been there and hire only licensed guide.

  • Permits and Documents

Carry your passport and all 3 permits mentioned above while trekking. You can be checked for the permits any time during the trek.


Despite its reputation for being a challenging trek, this trek is actually a moderate trek. With proper training, mental preparation and attitude, this trek will very easy and one of the best treks of your life.

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