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Difficulties of Langtang Valley Trek

As Nepal is favoured with mind-blowing biodiversity and stunning scenes, there are a few bold treks in Nepal. One such experience trek is Langtang Valley Trek, the valley of icy masses. During this trek, one can see gigantic snowcapped mountains, lovely ice glaciers and appreciate the endearing friendliness of the Tamang Culture. Although rated as one of the easiest treks in Nepal, Langtang Trek has its own challenges.

We Ammonite Adventures and Treks have interviewed with our professional Langtang Trekker, about Langtang Trek Difficulty. Mr. Dorje Lama who have been to Langtang 13 times explains the challenges of this trek and gives the idea to fight against it.

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Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty Interview with Dorje Guide

Ammonite Adventures : Hello Dorje, Welcome to Ammonite Podcast.

Dorje : Hello Sir. I am feeling delighted.

AA: Well. Today we are planning to explain our visitors about Langtang Trek Difficulties and provide them with tips to trek. As you have been to there many times, what are the major challenges faced by trekkers?

Dorje: Langtang Trek is one of the easiest treks I have been to. However, many of the first time trekkers may have some common trekking problems. This is caused due to :

  • Altitude Sickness ( Acute Mountain Sickness)
  • Lack of experienced trekking guide
  • Lack of proper Trekking Equipment
  • Lack of proper physical fitness
  • Choosing Bad Season to trek
  • Lack of proper rest
  • Lack of foods and accommodation and so forth.

AA: You told many of the first time trekkers. Do these problems don’t occur for experienced trekker?

Dorje: Actually Not. They know the basics of trekking. Who lacks the basics of trekking. Langtang trek will be painful.

AA: It means, Langtang won’t cause a problem for experienced trekkers. You told about Altitude Sickness. Can you elaborate about it? And how can we tackle it? How is it Langtang Trek Difficulty?

Dorje: Altitude Mountain Sickness is about getting sick when you go in high altitude. Hope you are getting me? When we generally travel above 3500m altitude its common to have Altitude Sickness who never have been to that high. The common symptoms of AMS are headache, vomiting, nausea, heart rate increment, loss of appetite.

The remedy of Altitude Sickness: You have to climb slowly, eat lots of carbs, avoid alcohol and drink a lot of water. If you do this Langtang Trek won’t be tough for you.

AA: You before mentioned that Lack of proper trekking guide may cause Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty? What’s the difference between going with a guide and going alone?

Dorje: Guides know the places properly. They know the routes and they know where there is a danger. So experienced guide can take you with the easy route. If you are planning to trek on your own, then it will be really hard for you. You may not know the places, routes and where are the dangers of Trek.

AA: What are the required trekking gears for this trek so that people find trek not much hard?

Dorje: Just like other treks you should have basic trekking gears and equipment. They are

  • Trekking Trouser
  • Shocks
  • Down Jacket
  • Thick Sweaters
  • Trekking Boots
  • Trekking Pole
  • Sunglasses and Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Duffle Bag
  • Torch Light
  • Towel
  • Sleeping bag and so on.

AA: As you told physical fitness may be Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty. How fit should anyone to be for this Trek.

Dorje: Normally, a person with a good level of physical fitness can complete this trek. You should not be a bodybuilder or one doing the daily workout. Prior to the trek, I would like to recommend to go for swimming, small hikes, play games for being physically fit. Walking 1 hr and basic warmups prior to the trek, daily for 15 days will be very good.

AA: Trekking in Bad season will obviously make our trek route difficult. Which are the best time to trek in Langtang?

Dorje: The month of May, June, September, October, and December are very good to trek in Langtang. The sky remains clear, the weather remains cool and the temperature remains moderate. What’s more for a perfect time to trek. If you trek in this time, you won’t have Langtang valley trek difficulty.

AA: Yeah. These are best time to trek Nepal as well. What do you want to add more Dorje?

Dorje: Langtang Trek is the easiest trek. Anyone can do it. I recommend all who are planning to trek in Langtang, to do basic physical exercises prior to the trek. You should have proper food diets and rest to complete the trek with ease. So, never feel the Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty. Just follow the precautions and follow your guide.

Dorje: Thanks to you. You gave me chance to speak about my best Trek. I will provide some tips to trek. Please make a point.

Major Langtang valley trek difficulty

As per Dorje, these are common challenges that may occur during a trek.

  • Altitude Sickness
  • Lack of experienced guides
  • Food, Accommodation and Rest
  • Proper Diets
  • Lack of physical fitness
  • Choosing a bad season to trek
  • Sore feet and joints problem
  • Fatigue in Leg

Tips to Trek

  • Trek Slowly
  • Drink too much of water
  • Do physical exercises prior to the trek
  • Be positive mentally
  • At least 8 hours of sleep
  • Regulate your breathing when necessary
  • Use masks
  • Eat enough calories to prevent fatigue
  • Don’t Carry heavy loads
  • Choose an experienced trekking guide and follow him/her.
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