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Answer to your all Manaslu Trek Queries


Manaslu Trek is one of the best treks of Nepal which offers almost everything you want while trekking in Nepal. Before reading the next line ask yourself, what do you want from trekking in Nepal? Remote and off-the-beaten Trail? Close view of mighty Mountains? Unique Cultures and Traditions? Rare Floras and Faunas? Stunning views? Breathtaking and Adventure trek? Right? You can enjoy all these on this trip. If you are planning to hike in Nepal and searching for the best trekking for 2020, you must go to Manaslu. In this Answer to your all Manaslu Circuit Trekking Queries Blog, we will be explaining about everything you need to know about Manaslu like Cost, Itinerary, Permits, Difficulty and so on.

What are the Highlights of Manaslu Trek?

Trekking Experts says Manaslu is one of the most underrated treks in Nepal. It offers everything in one single trek but still less popular to the Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp Treks. Manaslu is still wild and remote. Along with mountain views, Manaslu Route has varieties of floras and faunas to refresh your eyes. Moreover, Unseen traditions and cultures will add a unique taste to your this trek. Here are some major highlights of Manaslu Hike:

  • Natural Beauty decorated by wildlife, floras and rivers
  • Unique Traditions and Cultures of Tibetan and Nepalese Ethnic Groups
  • Views of mountains: Cheo, Annapurna II, Himlung, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal
  • Jaw-dropping views from Larkya La Pass above 5000m
  • Wild, Remote and Off the beaten path
  • Challenging for thrill-seekers

From where the trek starts?

Manaslu lies in the Manaslu Conservation Area of the Gorkha District of Nepal. The actual Manaslu Trek Starts from Soti Khola, Gorkha. About 8-10 hours of the scenic drive from Kathmandu takes you to Arughat to Soti Khola. Manaslu trek extends from Arughat to Larkya La Pass.

You can either hire a private jeep or book a public bus to reach to Arughat. Hiring a private jeep will be costly but comfortable and can reach faster than in Public Bus.

If road conditions are challenging then you may have to walk from Arughat to Soti Khola. It will take 2-3 hours of hike to reach Soti from Arughat. Roads get challenging during Monsoon.

How difficult is Manaslu Circuit?

Manaslu circuit is a moderately challenging trek. At least, it is not for beginners. However, anyone with good physical fitness can conclude this trek. The difficulty level of Manaslu is 7 out of 10. So, we can say it as a moderate trek than difficult.

Manaslu Difficulty Level


There are many challenges in Manaslu Trek. Altitude Sickness, food and accommodation, weather conditions, and physical fitness are the things you should consider before trekking in Manaslu Region. They are major Manaslu Trek Difficulties.

Is there AMS in Manaslu?

AMS stands for Altitude Mountain Sickness. It is the sickness caused in the high altitudes due to depletion in oxygen level. At high altitudes, there is always the danger of Altitude Sickness. In Manaslu Tre, we trek above 4000m. Hence, there is a chance of altitude sickness.

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness

Some of the major symptoms of Altitude Sickness are:

  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Rapid Heart Bit Rate
  • Dizziness


To be away from Altitude Mountain Sickness in Manaslu, you have to walk slowly and keep yourself hydrating. If you feel any above symptoms, take rest and step back. Moreover, in case of emergency, you can take AMS Tablets ( which is not recommended unless emergency ).

How is Accommodation in Manaslu Like?

As mentioned, Manaslu is still remote. You can expect only simple rooms here. The rooms in Manaslu will be shared. You will have a single private bed. These are the simple extension of tea houses. You can find the toilet outside the room. There is no private bathroom. In most of the tea houses, you can get to charge your electronic devices and get wifi. You may have to pay some dollars for these services as well. However, some teahouses offer power and wifi for free. There is rare chance of getting hot showers during Manaslu Trek. The cost of the room depends on the standard of hotel, and price increases as we move higher. In average, one can get a room at Rs.500($5) per night.

How is food in Manaslu?

Manaslu lies in a remote part of Gorkha District, Nepal. It is very hard to arrange varieties of foods. However, you will get normal Dal, Bhat and Tarkari. During Manaslu Trip, we will have 3-time food ( Breakfast, lunch, Dinner). You can get foods like an omelette, bread, noodles, eggs and fruits as well. You can have very few varieties but are highly energetic and proteinous foods. The cost of food increases as we climb up. Generally, Dal Bhat Tarkari costs you Rs. 300-800($3-$7) per plate.

You can find other details about Manaslu Trekking Difficulties from here.

When is the best time for Manaslu Round Trip?

October – November is the peak time of trekking in Nepal. So does for Manaslu Circuit.

How much Manaslu Trek Costs?

Permits Required for Manaslu Trek?

Which is the best Manaslu Trek Itinerary?

Manaslu Trekking Map?

Are you searching for Manaslu Trek Map? You can get one in Thamel anytime. However, going with us, we will provide free maps for you. You can also see the map below. And you can use the following Manaslu Circuit map for reference, but don’t take this map with you for trekking. It does not have enough information. Contact Us for trek Map.


Tips to do Manaslu Circuit Trekking?

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