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Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek

This article will help you either to choose Annapurna Circuit Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. Nepal is a culturally rich country with a variety of world-class and nature-based destination. Nepal is the ideal destination for revelling untouched, undiscovered land and uncovering yourself. With most of the mighty peaks and mountains lying in Nepal, It is the dreamland for mountaineers and trekkers. Mt.Everest also called Mt. Sagarmatha or Mt. Chomolungma is the highest mountain in the world. Everest with 8,848m height lies in Nepal along with 7 other peaks ranging above 8,000m.

Everest base camp trek and Annapurna circuit trek are the most popular trekking in Nepal. However, both the treks have their unique features and importance. There are some other underrated treks in Nepal. Moreover, there are several off the beaten path treks and some specially restricted area treks. In restricted area treks, you need to have a special trekking permit. Hence, due to this availability of several treks and their varying costs people often get confused which trek would be best for them?

Everest Base Camp Trek

mount everest trek

If you are a tourist and come for sightseeing and visiting Nepal then, the mighty Everest base camp trek is not for you. Otherwise, you can choose the Annapurna circuit trek if you are a tourist or some other easy trekking trails might suit you. This trek needs a special level of physical fitness and some past trekking experience. For trekking in Everest, you need to be prepared. Moreover, choosing the best itinerary that would suit your physical fitness is the toughest decision to make. However, travel advisors and the guides are always there to help you out.

Trekking to the base camp of the highest peak of the planet is not an easy task and you must respect that. There are people who find Everest base camp trek easy and the reason is simple they already had some trekking experience and their travel advisors choose the best itinerary for them. The difficulty of the trek is demanding and this difficulty is the cost for the beauty and things it offers you. This lifetime adventure and the memory worth a try, a well-prepared try.

Annapurna Circuit Trek


Even though the highest altitude of Everest base camp trek is Everest base camp itself at the height of around 5,380 meters, Thorung la the highest altitude in the Annapurna circuit trek is 5,416 meters. While doing Everest base camp trek, in 2 days, you reach to the height of 3420 meters above sea level which takes 6 days while doing Annapurna circuit trek. Hence, the Annapurna circuit trek is somehow easy than the Everest base camp trek. In addition to that, getting to the gateway of the Annapurna circuit trek is easier than that of Everest.

Which one to choose?

Along the trail in the Annapurna circuit and Everest, you will get food and accommodations in tea houses. So food, drinks and shelter are almost similar in both regions.
If you are planning for a budget trek then Annapurna circuit trek would be the best option. If you already have some trekking experience, you can have once in a lifetime experience in Everest base camp trek.

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