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7 Tips to do Manaslu Circuit Trek Nepal in 2020

The Manaslu Circuit Trek 2020 is amazing trekking destination of Nepal which offers: Epic landscape, cultures, traditions and so on. Despite its recent rise in popularity, the Manaslu Trek remains remote and off-the-beaten-path. In this blog, we will find 7 Manaslu circuit Trek Tips.

Transportation: Bus/ Private Jeep

Highest Altitude: Larkya La Pass (5,160 m)

Difficulty: Hard

Days: 10-20 days

Best Months to Trek: September, October, April, May, December

Food: Typical Nepali Food

Accommodation: Guesthouse, Lodge

Permits: Special Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit.

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Highlights of Manaslu Trek

As mentioned, Manaslu is one of the best treks in Nepal. Cultures, Nature, Wildlife, and views make Manaslu trip the best choice for 2020. The major highlights of the trek are:

Tips to trek in Manaslu


Manaslu is often regarded as a difficult trek. However, it is a moderate trek anyone can complete. But, you should be well prepared for the trek. Here are some Manaslu Circuit trek tips, so your so-called difficult trek will be easier than you think.

1. Walk Slowly

YES! Walking slowly is the best option to trek anywhere. Maintaining a constant pace will not make you too tired. Moreover, walking slowly but constantly makes your body ready to trek long. By walking slowly, you can also avoid problems like Altitude Sickness. If you are not physically strong, then walking slowly makes you easy to conclude the whole trek. This is the best tip to trek in Manaslu.

2. Keep Hydrating

Water, Water and Water. Water keeps your body refresh and helps to regulate blood properly. Mountain Sickness is one of the major Manaslu Trek Difficulty. You can be away from it by walking slowly and drinking enough water. We recommend you to carry enough water for your trek. Drinking enough water is the Manaslu circuit Trek tips everyone knows.

3. Trip Preparation

If you are well prepared for the upcoming challenges in the trek, you can trek freely. You should be well prepared for the trek. Doing some minor physical exercises 1-2 week prior to trek is the best option. It makes your body ready for trekking. So there is a saying “ Better preparation is half done “. Prepare well before starting the actual trek.

4. Check Weather

Trekking in the best seasons like Spring and Autumn will not be any trouble. However, if you re planning to trek in the other seasons then check the news and weather updates. Consult with travel agencies or guides whether they can trek or not. Trekking risk in such condition is idiocy.

5. Hire Best Guides

The guide is compulsory for trekking in Manaslu. You should have all permits of Manaslu before trekking. A better guide will introduce you about places in detail, help you in difficulty and make your trip amazing. Our guides are government licensed and we have trained them for better communication. Booking with us, you will have a unique taste of trekking in Nepal.

6. Carry Extra Cash

You may want to charge your phones, take hot showers or give donations. There is no way to exchange dollars to Nepalese currency. So, it is better to carry some extra Nepalese Cash which may be a great help in case of emergency. Extra cash is good as you may want to buy something.

7. Other ( Maps, Diets )

Although you are trekking with a professional guide, there is no way of losing the route. However, it is always better to carry a map with you. And carry some diets in your backpack as well. It will boost your energy while trekking. You can carry Nuts, Chocolates etc.


Manaslu is really awesome place to be in – if you believe in creating memories. Don’t just listen to us, go and see. But before going, be prepared for the trek and follow the above tips to trek in Manaslu.

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Mr. Kanchan Bhatta is a professional IT student. Being traveling as his hobby he has trekked almost every part of Nepal. You can also call him Travel Vlogger and Writer. Interested in traveling, he aims to provide a better time and memory in Nepal. He will be sharing travel facts, trips and blogs about trekking in Nepal. Enjoy :D

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